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Strategic Management Analysis, and SWOT Analysis


Strategic analysis is an analysis of the business environment (internal and external) with an emphasis on the environmental implications of corporate strategy. It begins with a definition of the mission for the organization. The mission explains why the organization exists and provides context for the strategy to be formulated. Bucket Snack is one of the other gift buckets such as flowers, dolls, and others. This Snack Bucket can also be used as a souvenir by making innovation and creativity to make it look good and beautiful. This Snack Bucket is affordable and useful to eat. With this effort, research can be carried out in order to find out how the strategies are carried out in the future to deal with the weaknesses that occur. With the analysis of strategic management, it can make it easier for the business to run, because it can find out how to deal with weaknesses and strengths in running a business that is being run. This Snackdf Bucket is a business that has been running for the past 2 years, this bucket is marketed online by posting a bucket, then delivery can be done by COD. The packaging of this bucket also varies from small to large depending on the nominal requested.


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